As a member you will gain access to member-specific content such as the full sheet music- and audio file archives (given that you have created an account on the website).

For those of you who are above the age of 25 a membership will cost 100SEK. However for those who are younger than 25 the membership is free.

The membership fee for you who are above the age of 25 can be payed via:

  • Bank giro: Our bank giro is 5362-6750, Frosinisällskapet.

  • Swish: Our swish number is 123 473 1071, alternatively you can use the QR code.

  • Paypal: Our paypal credentials are, Elin Bäckström

OBS: Remember to state, name, address and mail for all payment options!

Those who are under the age of 25 may contact one of the executives to declare their interest to join.

Contact information to our executives can be found at EXECUTIVES